Barangay Paraiso is also part of the South District Division of Barangays in Tarlac City. Barangay Ungot bound it on the North, Barangay Maligaya on the South, and Barangay Balete on the East.It is approximately 5.3 kilometers away from city proper. It has a total land area of 26.57 hectares. The whole area designated to residential area and commercial area.

Barangay Paraiso classified as Rural Barangay, it has a total population of three thousand two hundred twenty (3,220) as of 2005, and a household population of six hundred forty seven (647).  Barangay Paraiso is one of the 19 Barangay in Tarlac City classified as an Urban Barangay. Because its proximity to industrial and commercial sites, most of the people residing in this area are working in industrial and commercial centers like Plaza Luisita Mall and so on. Other residents were professionals, drivers, construction workers, abroad, and so on. Some residents of this barangay got needs on their mini businesses such as sari-sari stores and others.

The first name of Barangay Paraiso was derived from the situation wherein the material that they used to form a bridge is the coconut tree. In Pampango word, the “tete” (bridge), and “ungot” (coconut), from the word itself, “tete” and “ungot” combined together and said to be the name of the barangay.In 1935, Mr. Quirino del Rosario was the first leader who has the heart and concern for the sake of its constituents, followed by Mr. Fernando Garcia, Mr. Fructuoso Navarro and Regalado Mabuti.

During the term of Mr. Gregorio Vergara, they passed a resolution to change their barangay name “tete ungot” into “paraiso” (paradise), and made their barangay into truly independent barrio without the hurisdiction of its mother barrio San Miguel, Tarlac. It proclaimed from the Pamahalaang Panlalawigan dated on the 21st day of January year 1964.

Following leaders of the Barangay:

1965- Tiniente del Barrio Benito Reyes (did not finish his term), succeeded by Persival Sebastian and Felipe Manalang.

1969- Kapitan del Barrio Eduardo Peña (did not finish his term), succeeded by Feliciano Tigco in 1972- 1982 (10 years of service).

1983- Barrio Capitan Lourdes Tigco, the first women who became leader up to the year 1989 (6 years of service).

1989- President Corazon Aquino introduced a “Block Voting”, wherein all of the candidates of the Council with the highest votes acquired will be the one who is entitled for the position of Brgy. Captain.Mr. Ricardo blessed and stands to be the leader up to the year 1994. The next election in the year 1994 Captain Pineda re- elected and continued his term up to the year 1997 (18 years of service).

1997- Mr. Jovito Salonga ran and was elected Brgy. Captain and serve until 2002 (3 years of service).

2002- the ex- Captain Ricardo Pineda decided to run for the position of Brgy. Captain and luckily re- elected twice (as of October 29, 2007).

Resolution # 3

On motion of Councilor Liborio A. De Jesus duly seconded by councilor Eusebio Pascual and unanimously approved by the Municipal council, resolved, that in accordance with the petition, dated July 01, 1965 of the residents of Tete-Ungot, the Municipal council recommend as it hereby, respectfully recommends to the Provincial Board of Tarlac the creation of Tete-Ungot a Sitio of Barrio San Miguel into a new and separate barrio. The following petition data and facts are being submitted;

Name of proposed barrio: Paraiso

Recommendation of the Municipal council: Favorable recommending the creation of the new barrio:

Facts and circumstances upon with the councils recommendation is based; the petition dated July 1965 signed by a majority of the voters residents in Tete-Ungot as required by law, had been referred: and in the investigation made and during the public hearings and conferences attended by representatives of the petitioners at the other parties concerned, it has been found that the place highly deserved and needs to be a new barrio in order to administer it own government.

January 11, 1966

Councilor Pascual also informed that during the conference held at Tete Ungot, a common complaint to the effect that many of the residents wherein were not given I.T.A. lot was brought to his attention. The councilor added that, because of his representations, the Mayor wrote a letter to Mr. Corcuera regarding the matter.

At his juncture, and when there were no more reports coming from the members of the Municipal council, Councilor Pascual introduce to the members of the Body by the barrio Captain of the host barrio, as well as the barrio captains of the neighboring barrios whose were all requested to attend the session, as follows: Mapalacsiao-Godofredo Manianglung, Asturias- Elicerio Muñoz; Bantog- Protacio Navarro; and Ungot- Cristinno Salas. Before the barrio Captain concerned was given the floor to speak and present their problems before the council, the Body dwelt on the items in the agenda first.

January 27, 1965

Resolution #285

On motion of councilor Fausto C. Roma Jr., duly seconded.

Resolved, that the letter of the registered voters of Sitio Tete Ungot, San Miguel, Tarlac, Tarlac petitioning for the conversion of their Sitio into a regular and an independent barrio, be referred to the councilor of the district and to the committee on zonification thru its Chairman, for study and recommendation.

Councilor Pedro B. De Jesus conveyed the information that, Guevarra Street, which is within Poblacion, is in very poor state, needing immediate attention in other to safeguard the health and welfare of the people living in the vicinity. He claimed that, even with a light down pour only, a large portion of the street involved is being flooded, owing perhaps to its clogged canals, or maybe because of its present level, which is very much lower that the two concreted roads on its both ends. He requested the committee on public work-to-work out for a possible solution to the problem. Coucilor Roma advanced the information that he had already talked over the matter with the district engineer who suggested that the Body in that regard pass a resolution.

December 21, 1965

Resolution # 409

On motion of Coucilor Gonzalo Madangal, duly seconded by councilor Pedro B. De Jesus.

Resolved, that Barrio Ordinance No. 6 series of 1965 of the barrio council of Carangian Tarlac: prescribing rules and regulations in the implementation of curfew hours thereat is, as it hereby approved. Provided, however that nothing therein- contained shall be inconsistent with existing laws, ordinances, rules and regulation governing the matter


Upon representations of persons concerned, councilor Pascual brought out the pending petition of the residents of the Sitio Tete-Ungot requesting of their place into a separate and independent barrio. The Councilor said that because of certain problems which arouse when the matter was being deliberated upon by the committee of zonification, together with barrio officials concerned, no final recommendation has ever been submitted up to the present not unless perhaps the said problems are threshed out to the satisfaction of both parties interested in this case. When called upon to committee on the matter, councilor Liborio A. De Jesus, in his capacity as the councilor for the district involved, said that in so far as he is concerned, he would offer no objection to the petition of the residents of Sitio Tete-Ungot for the conversion of their place into a regular and independent barrio, or any other Sitio’s under his district for that matter, provided that all the requirements in connection with such petition are satisfactory met. In order that the Body maybe enlightened further on this particular matter. Mr. Vergara, the head of the group, was requested to speak before the council to shed light on their petition.

Resolution #410

On motion of the councilor Eusebio Pascual, duly seconded.

Resolved, that Mr. Vergara, the head of the group following up the petition for the conversion of Sitio Tete-Ungot into a regular and independent barrio, is allowed to speak before this Body in ordered to shed light in connection with their petition.


Mr. Vergara, in speaking, announced the Body that in terms of population, Sitio Tete-Ungot is more than qualified to become a regular barrio. He said that one of their wishes, should their place becomes an independent Barrio is to have a school of their own where they could send there children. Councilor Pascual scheduled another conference to be held at Sitio Tete-Ungot on January 6, 1966, at 9 o’clock am with the members of the committee on zonification, the Councilor of the District and all the paties concerned for discussing the petition in question.

Eighty percent of the total populations are Pampango, and the rest are Tagalog, Bisaya, Pangasinense, and Ilocano.

Barangay Paraiso celebrates their feast day every May 12-13 as a thanksgiving to their Patron St. Andrew. Saint Andrew is the patron of Patras.