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places to stay in tarlac city

Tarlac City, located in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines, offers a variety of hotels for tourists. Here are some of the notable ones

delicacies in tarlac city

Tarlac culture being a melding of four cultures, its cuisine is of course a mix of four regional cuisines as well: Ilocano, Pampango, Tagalog, and Pangasinense.

Iniruban or Dudumen

This kakanin called “iniruban” is made with burned young sticky rice, coconut milk and sweetener; usually sugar, or tagapulot, hardened sugarcane molasses.


This is tibuk-tibuk, a richer version of the maja blanca. It is made with carabao milk and topped with latik.

Sisig Kapampangan

a Filipino dish made from pork jowl and ears (maskara), pork belly, and chicken liver, which is usually seasoned with calamansi, onions, and chili peppers.

Adobong Tarlac

Adobo in which the meat is marinated in pineapple juice and the whole thing is topped with pineapple slices