Barangay Bora is one of the 13 Barangays enclosed in the East District Division of Barangays in Tarlac City Barangay Trinidad surrounds it on the North, Barangay Culipat on the West, Barangay Calingcuan on the South and Barangay San Jose on the East.

It is approximately 4.1 kilometers away from city proper. It has a total land area of 191.40 hectares. Agricultural has a total land area of 149.6 hectares and the remaining 41.8 hectares designate the residential area.

It is also divided into 6 Zones, Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3 to Zone 6.

Barangay Bora classified as Rural Barangay, it has a total population of one thousand one hundred fifty nine (1,159) as of 2005, and a household population of one hundred eighty four (184).

Barangay Bora is also an agricultural barangay. Approximately 80% of the total populace situated here were farmers. Farming is one of their major sources of livelihood. They cultivate palay, corn, vegetables and sugarcane. Other residents were employees, laborers, construction workers, drivers, and so on. Some residents have their own business stall such as sari-sari stores and on.

As early as Spanish colonization, Barangay Bora at present time was just a Sitio of Barrio San Jose. This place not totally developed as a residential area there were only few people residing in this area. At that time also, it filled of sugarcane. It is also a primary source of their livelihood. Accross in this field, there is a railway path. According to the elders residing in this area, the name “Bora” derived from the word “Boda”. This is the term used by the residents for their mini vehicle transported in the railway. This is a kind of a trolley and pushcart. Only the difference it is push on a railway is that it is manually push on a railway. It also serves them as their transportation service. A timely change and rapidly growth of population, the residents of this place were requesting to the Municipal Hall, a separation of this Sitio from their mother Barrio San Jose. In addition, as early as 1940’s it established as another Barangay in Tarlac City it named as Barangay Bora, derived from the word “Boda”.

Among the pioneer of this place were the Lacanlale, Supan, Montoya, Patawaran and Dayrit family.

Eighty percent of the total populations are Pampango, and the rest are Tagalog, Bisaya, Pangasinense, and Ilocano. Barangay Bora celebrates their feast day every December 31 to January 1, as a thanksgiving to the patron Saint Lorenzo Ruiz. San Lorenzo Ruiz became the first Filipino saint and martyr.