On this special day, we extend our warmest and sincerest birthday wishes to a remarkable leader who has transformed our city with their unwavering dedication and hands-on approach to governance.

Your style of leadership is nothing short of inspiring, as you have consistently demonstrated a genuine care for the well-being of our kababayans. Your selflessness and commitment to putting the interests of the people ahead of personal gain have set a powerful example for everyone under your leadership.

May this birthday be a celebration not just of another year in your life but also a reflection of the positive changes you have brought to our city. Your leadership has will definitely leave an indelible mark, and we are grateful to have you steering our city toward a brighter future.

Wishing you a day filled with joy, surrounded by the love and admiration of those whose lives you have touched. Happy Birthday, Mayor Cristy Angeles!


The People of the City of Tarlac