Barangay Trinidad is also part of the East District Division of Barangay in Tarlac City. Barangay Banaba surrounds it on the North, Barangay Batang-Batang on the East, Barangay Buhilit on the West, Barangay Culipat on the South and Barangay Bora on the Southeast.

It is approximately 7.2 kilometers away from city proper. It has a total land area of 368.27 hectares wherein the 205.5 hectares corresponds to agricultural area and the remaining 162.77 hectares designates to residentials and industrial area.

It also divided into 2 sitios namely: Sitio Putot, Sitio Papanilo.

Barangay Trinidad classified as Rural Barangay, it has a total population of one thousand three hundred fifty six (1,356) as of 2005, and a household population of two hundred eleven (211).

Barangay Trinidad is an agricultural barangay. Almost 100% of the total populace here were farmers. Faming is their major source of livelihood. They cultivate palay, corn, vegetables, and so on. Other residents were employes, laborers, construction workers, drivers and others.

This barangay was once called “Kulob Trinidad” because it is located in a far secret was also called Trinidad 1st and Trinidad 2nd is its sister Barangay Batang-Batang. According to the elders of this barangay, the name of their place was name after the owner of this vast land. That is why when it becomes an independent barangay they no longer change its name in honor of the landowner the TRINIDAD.

The early settlers of this barangay are Basangan, Galang, Cura, and Fernandez family.

Ninety percent of the total populations are Pampango, and the rest are Tagalog, Bisaya, Pangasinense, and Ilocano.

Barangay Trinidad celebrates their feast day every May 14-15 as a thanksgiving to the patron Saint Isidore the Laborer (San Isidro Labrador). Saint Isidore the Laborer or the Labourer, also known as Isidore the Farmer, or San Isidro Labrador in Spanish, (c. 1070–May 15, 1130), was a Spanish day laborer known for his goodness toward the poor and animals. He is the Catholic patron saint of farmers and Madrid.

Isidore is widely venerated as the patron saint of peasants and day laborers, as he had been one himself. In 1947, at the request of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, he was officially named patron of farmers, with a feast day on March 22 in all dioceses of the US, with a proper Mass and Office.