Barangay Sta. Cruz is one of the eleven barangays in enclosed in the North District Division of Barangays in Tarlac City. Barangay Sta. Maria bound it on the West, Barangay Alvindia on the Northeast, Barangay Dalayap on the East, Barangay Aguso on the South and Barangay Sinait on the South West.

It is approximately 8.0 kilometers away from city proper. It has a total land area of 346.49 hectares wherein 139.05 hectares corresponds to agriculture and 206.99 hectares designate to residential and industrial area it also divided into four Blocks namely: Block 1 (Sampaguita) – (Highway and Carlos Subd.), Block 2 (Ilang-Ilang )- (High-way and Riverside), Block 3 (Everlasting)- (Looban and Blk.3 Jurassic) and Block 4 (Dahlia)- (Blk.4 Kamatchili/ Blk.4 Ipil-Ipil/ Blk.4 Villa Sto. Niño Subd.)

Barangay Sta. Cruz classified as Rural Barangay, it has a total population of three thousand nine hundred ninety one (3,991) as of 2005, and a household population of six hundred seventy eight (678).

Barangay Sta. Cruz is one of the well-developed barangay in Tarlac City. Mostly people in this barangay were businesspersons. They have a mini business such as sari-sari stores, barbeque stand, carpentry, and so on. One of their prides is their “Bahay Kubo” made out of Bamboo. Other residents were professional, OFW, employees, laborer, carpenter, construction worker and so on. Farming is also one of their sources of livelihood. Approximately 45 % of the populace in this place was farmers. They cultivate palay, corn, vegetables and others. It classified to “Average Economy” of barangay.

Before Sta. Cruz created into an independent barangay, they used to call it Alvindia Segundo separate from Alvindia Primero. Alvindia, at present this barangay called Alvindia because of its leader Sultan Alvino and his wife Dia. When the couple died, they named the barangay after them. Because of the largeness of jurisdiction, this barangay divided into two.

By year 1969, through the resolution passed by the Barangay Captain of Alvindia Primero, Mr. Emanuel Escalona, Barangay was renamed its patron Saint Jesus Christ who died on the Cross that is why, it was called Sta. Cruz.

Ninety percent of the total populations are Pampango, and the rest are Tagalog, Bisaya, Pangasinense, and Ilocano.

Barangay Sta. Cruz celebrates their feast day every May 18-19 as a thanksgiving to the patron St. Christ (Sto. Cristo).