San Pascual was then a part of the vast barangay of San Manuel. According to the history, the said barangay was a sitio of the latter called Sitio 29. This is because of the “Cambio” of the train located in the place living in this place, which has a number of 29.

Before, there were only few people living in this place because of its large sugar cane field and railways.

It was Pascual David (PASDA) and his Family first settled in this barangay, which later donate a portion of this land to become site of the school. To address his kindness, the people of sitio 29 decided to name the school after “Pascual David” and later became the name of the said barangay.

The population of this barangay grew bigger as time goes by which cause it to separate from his mother barangay San Manuel. Through the resolution made the Sangguniang Bayan ng Tarlac, the said place became a legitimate barangay and named after the donor of the school lot, which is now the barangay “San Pascual”.

Castillo, Pascualo, David, De Guzman, Samson, and Cortez Family were the early settlers of this Barangay.

Barangay San Pascual is also part of the East District Division of barangays in Tarlac City. Barangay Batang-Batang surrounds it on the West, Barangay Villa Bacolor on the East, Barangay San Jose on the South West, Barangay San Manuel on the South and Victoria on the North.

It has total land area of 259.70 hectares wherein the 101.05 hectares allotted to agricultural area and the remaining 158.02 hectares designate to residential and industrial area.

It is also divided into seven blocks namely: Block 1, Block 2, and Block 3 to Block 7.

Barangay San Pascual is an agricultural barangay. Farming is one of the major sources of their livelihood. Approximately 80% of the total populate in this barangay were farmers. They cultivate palay, vegetables, corn and sugarcane vice versa depending on the seasons of farming.other residents of this barangay were professional, employees,l aborers, drivers, constructions workers and others. Some residents were having their own business like sari sari store so on.