Barangay San Pablo is also part of the West District Division of 76 Barangay in Tarlac City. Barangay Carangian bound it on the North, San Luis on the South, Tibag on the West, and San Vicente on the East.

It is approximately 2.5 kilometers away from city proper. It has a total land area of 44.56 hectares corresponds the whole area as a commercials and residential area. It also divided into 18 Blocks namely: Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, and Block 4 to Block 18. In addition, the barangay has most number of block uses.

Barangay San Pablo classified as Urban Barangay, it has a total population of four thousand eight hundred forty six (4.846) as of 2005, and a household population of nine hundred ten (910).

Barangay San Pablo is a residential and commercial barangay. More than half of the area corresponds to commercial. Different kinds of business firms situated here. They are computers shop, canteen, boarding houses, sari-sari stores and so on. Mostly the residents of this place were employee, laborers, construction workers, drivers and so on. Some has their own mini business such as sari sari stores, canteen and so on.

This Barangay was full of grass and tress then. Family in this place lived in this place can be counted. In 1950’s, San Pablo is a part of Barangay Carangian. It formerly known as Sitio “Tambol” and most of the barangay territories cover by a farmland. It was on 1960’s under the Municipal Government of Tarlac, they conducted a survey about the problem about squatting and they come up with the solution. Because of the generosity of Claro Santos, Maxima Gabriel, and other citizens who are kind hearted by the year 1970’s the lots of Barangay San Pablo were totally awarded to those who don’t have their own land it was under the leadership of Mayor Lino David. Because of that, the grassy forested and farmland became a residential area for the squatters.

The Tarlac Provincial Board and Board member Castañeda motioned and only seconded and resolved, that the Board has approved that the creation of a new barangay out of the present Sitio Tambol in Barangay Carangian. Municipality of Tarlac, to be henceforth called Barangay San Pablo. This is in accordance with Section 3, Article III of the revised Barangay Chapter, and R.A. 3590 as petitioned by majority of the voters who are residents of the Sitio Tambol, Carangian, Tarlac City. The petition that made dated May 26, 1972 and as duly recommended by the Tarlac Municipality Council in its Res. No. 188 current series. The sitio and its boundaries of which shown and indicated in the spot maps attached to the papers submitted to the Board.


On motion of Councilor Liburio A. De Jesus, seconded by Councilor Jesus L. Francisco,

Resolved, that the contents of Resolution number 387 dated October 03, 1972, of the Honorable the Provincial Board of Tarlac, approving the creation of a new barrio nout of the present Sitio Tambol in barrio Cariangian, this Municipality, to be hence for the called barrio San Pablo, be, as are hereby, noted;

Resolved further, that copies of this resolution together with copies of Resolution number 387 of the Honorable, the Provincial Board of Tarlac, be furnished the petitioner of Sitio Tambol, thru the spokesman; and the barrio council, thru the barrio Captain, Carangian, this Municipality for information and appropriate action.

Ninety percent of the total populations are Pampango, and the rest are Tagalog, Bisaya, Pangasinense, and Ilocano.

Barangay San Pablo celebrates their feast day every January 25 as a thanksgiving to the Patron Saint Paul. St. Paul In his zeal for the Jewish law, which he believed to be the divine Cause of God, he became a violent persecutor of the Christians. He was one of those who combined to murder Saint Stephen, and then he presided in the violent persecution of the faithful which followed the holy deacon’s martyrdom.