Barangay Calingcuan is also part of the East District Division of Barangay in Tarlac City, Barangay Culipat surrounds it on the Northwest, Barangay Bora on the Northeast and Barangay Maliwalo on the South.

It is approximately 3.0 kilometers away from city proper. It has a total land area of 101.36 hectares. The 92.4 hectares corresponds to agricultural area and the remaining 8.96 hectares designate to residential area.

Barangay Calingcuan classified as Rural Barangay, it has a total population of three two hundred forty five (3,245) as of 2005, and a household population of five hundred seven (507).

Barangay Calingcuan is also an agricultural Barangay. Approximately 20% of the total populace in this Barangay was farmers. Farming is one of their sources of livelihood. They cultivate palay, vegetables, and sugarcane and so on. Other residents were employee, laborers, construction workers, drivers, and so on. Some residents have their own mini business such as sari-sari store and so on.

Barangay Calingcuan at early times its establishments as a residential area was just forestry was different types of trees and grass grew. According to the elders, Calingcuan was just a Sitio of Barangay Maliwalo named as Sitio Calingcuan. At that time, people residing in this Sitio counted. Later on, people from the neighboring province and Barangay migrated and situated in this area, they decided to file a petition for a separation of this Sitio Calingcuan from their mother Barrio Maliwalo to form another Barangay in Tarlac. Through the help of many Resolutions passed by the residence of this Sitio, their petition granted and later on Sitio Calingcuan become now a separate and newly established Barangay in Tarlac changing its name as Barangay Calingcuan. However, why it named as Calingcuan? Elder settlers of this place said that their place serve as “likuan”. Calingcuan derived from the word “likuan”.

Among the pioneers of this place were Torres, Taruc, Pineda, Bugarin, Manaloto and other families in Calingcuan.

November 21, 1955

Resolution # 169

WHEREAS, Mr. Emilio T. Mercado, owner-operator of the Tarlac Electric Plant, as one more tangible evidence of his well-known civic spirit and generosity, is so kindly donating one jeep to the Municipality of Tarlac for the use of the police department which is in real and urgent need of the services of a motor vehicle in the maintenance of peace and order.

Now, therefore on joint motion by members of the council, duly seconded, RESOLVED, that sincere appreciation and unbounded gratitude be as are hereby extended to Mr. Emilio T. Mercado for his generous donation, and RESOLVED FURTHER that copies of his resolution be sent to Mr. Emilio T. Mercado, owner-operator of the Tarlac Electric Plant, Tarlac, Tarlac. UNONIMOUSLY CARRIED.

Councilor Valdez informed the council that, in view of the fact the barrio San Nicolas has been taken from him for assigned to Councilor Rivera, he was turning over to the latter for further action, the matter treated in Resolution No. 160, current series of this body.

Councilor Valdez, making his report in accordance with Resolution No. 132, current series, informed the council he was investigated the desire of Sitio Calingcuan to form a separate barrio as contain in the petition mentioned in the said resolution, and that he has found out that the mother barrio, Maliwalo, is against the separation proposed by the petitioners from Calingcuan. Inspite of this report and in view of the fact that the petition was addressed to the Congressman of the District Councilor Paras and other were of the opinion that the said petition ought to be given due course by this body.

September 19, 1955

Resolution # 132

On motion by Councilor Porfirio H. Cabalu, duly seconded,

RESOLVED, that before forwarding to Congressman Constancio Castañeda the petition of the Calingcuan, Maliwalo, Tarlac, Tarlac, dated September 6, 1955 requesting that a bill be presented in Congress to make a said place a separate barrio. The said petition is referred to the councilor of the district for confirmation of the facts mentioned therein and to see to it that the same has all the necessary requirements.


Before the enactment of this resolution, Councilor Paras suggested that perhaps it was better to forward the petition direct to the Congressman of Tarlac since it was address to him in the first place.

Resolution # 170

On motion by the Councilor Ricardo Paras, duly seconded by councilor Nicanor Salazar, Resolved, that the petition the residents of Sitio Calingcuan, Maliwalo, Tarlac, Tarlac, dated September 6, 1955. Address to the Calingcuan of the second District of Tarlac through the Council, be has is hereby forwared the Congressman Constancio Castañeda house of representative, through the Provincial Board of Tarlac, for such action has maybe warranted on the desire of the petitioners to form a separate barrio.


On Motion by councilors Nicanor Salazar and Marshall Gamalinda, duly seconded by councilor Florentino Torres, Resolved, that sincere congratulations be as are hereby by extended to the newly elected officials of the province of tarlac and of the municipality of tarlac; and

Resolved Further, that copies of this resolution be sent to Governor re-elect Arsenio Lugay, Provincial Board Member-elect Bienvinido P. Buan and Ricardo Tañedo, mayor re-elect Hipolito Castañeda, vice mayor elect Telesforo G. Espinosa, Councilors Re-Elect Ricardo Paras, Paterno Y. Catacutan And Porfirio H.Cabalu and Councilors Elect Damaso Briones, Jose Torres, Ernesto Valdez, Benjamin S. Rosales and Lino Ignacio Jr.

June 4, 1963

Resolution # 188


On Motion Councilor Pedro B. De Jesus, Duly Seconded By Councilor Nicanor Salazar, Resolved, that the Provincials Land Officer in Tarlac, or his duly authorized representative respectfully requested to assist the Municipal Council of Maliwalo in the determination of the petition for the creation into a separate barrio of Sitio Calingcuan of barrio Maliwalo, Tarlac, Tarlac especially on the matter of the boundaries and extent of the territory of the new barrio proposed to be form.


When the Barrio Lieutenant of Maliwalo brought up the matter of the old abandoned roads between Maliwalo and masalas creek in that barrio,the Municipal Mayor explained what had already been taken thereon, and how he was only awaiting the reply to his in inquiry to the district engineer as to whether the road is a municipal road before further action can be taken in this connection.

Hundred percent of the populations are Pampagno.

Barangay Calingcuan celebrates their feast day every February 11, as a thanksgiving to the patron Our Lady of Lourdes. Our Lady of Lourdes is the generous Mother of God.