A.  Tarlac City, A City to See!
Tarlac City is home to a diverse culture. As a Melting Pot City, this city is filled with rich culture and tradition. However, there’s a lot more to discover..
Here is anyone’s new possibility as our place is now more than a gateway to the north but we use to the fullest and best our advantage such as our strategic location, fun-loving and hospital people, delightful cuisine and delicacies, potential tourist attractions in the barangays, and local government resources in sustaining a competitive tourism industry.

You may also achieve your fitness goals thru varied fitness centers. Plus! Different entertainment and leisure spots are located around the city for your ‘me time’ or bonding time with family and friends. Encountering the past is also a thrill when you visit historical sites in the city. To add on that, thegrand and colorful festivities in the city do not disappoint as well!
These are just a number of things that you could experience when you dive into Tarlac City. Where the sea of warm smiles and best people reside.
What are you waiting for? Come on and feel the thrill of your new possibility. The city to see is Tarlac City!
A. Tarlac City Wonderland Plaza
Welcome to Tarlac City Wonderland Plaza, where imagination knows no bounds and excitement awaits at every corner. Step into this magical destination and embark on an extraordinary journey through its captivating attractions. From the superheroes Corner to the Fantasy Tunnel, Enchanted Forest, Children’s Playground, and BT21 House, Tarlac City Wonderland Plaza offers a world of wonder and adventure for visitors of all ages.
A.  New Tarlac City Plazuela
Introducing Tarlac City Plazuela, a captivating new tourist attraction that combines history, entertainment, and meaningful experiences. This hidden gem silently witnessing different historic events of the past has undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to the visionary leadership of Mayor Cristy Angeles. Prepare to be enchanted as you delve into the rich Tarlac City’s heritage and enjoy a host of exciting new features.