March 27, 2023


I.         Mandate

LGC Section 470 (d) The Treasurer shall take charge of the treasury office, perform the duties       provided for under Book  II of this Code, and shall:

  • Advise the governor or mayor, as the case may be, the sanggunian, and other local government and national officials concerned regarding disposition of local government funds, and on such other matters relative to public finance;
  • Take custody of and exercise proper management of the funds of the local government unit concerned;
  • Take charge of the disbursement of all local government funds and such other funds the custody of which may be entrusted to him by law or other competent authority;
  • Inspect private commercial and industrial establishments within the jurisdiction of the local government unit concerned in relation to the implementation of tax ordinances, pursuant to the provisions under Book II of this Code;
  • Maintain and update the tax information system of the local government unit;
  • (f) Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed bay law or ordinance.

II.  Vision

  • To create an atmosphere of genuine trust and transparency between the taxpaying public and the fiscal managers of the city;
  • To realize the goals of sustaining a well-funded government machinery working for a development-oriented program thru the taxpayer’s conscientiousness;
  • To establish a tax program based on fairness, equity, progressiveness and rationality;
  • To run well-rounded treasury office oriented towards competency, resourcefulness, creativity and true public service.

III.   Mission

  • To substantially achieve a realizable collection target fully supportive of the city government’s programs;
  • To install a fiscal mechanism that will be accepted by the majority of the taxpaying public;To establish a well-respected financial office that will work in union with another city
  • departments or offices, as an effective partner in good governance;
  • To sustain a well-coordinated office work force in carrying out the mandate of the treasury work without selfishness but with competence and dedicate

1.   Service Name:   Payment of Real Property Tax

Real Property Tax Payments is required, in certain transactions (e.g., securing a Building Permit), to prove that taxes on real property have been paid and update

OFFICE:Treasurer’s Office
TYPE OF TRANSACTION:Online Payments, Thru Mail/ Emails
WHO MAY AVAIL:Owner, administrators, representatives or property owners
Copy of Latest Real Property Tax Declaration/ Copy of Last Official ReceiptLocal Treasury Operations Division
Official ReceiptLocal Revenue Collection Division
  1. Present required documents to Window C (property name, address of property/ies)  1. Assess and review required documents   2. Issue and print SOA      None      3 minutes  Admin AssistantVI LTOA Admin Aide III
  2. Proceed to Teller 7 and 8, present Statement of Account for payment of tax for payment      3. Issue Official Receipt    Real Property Tax      3 minutes      Revenue Collection Clerk III