March 27, 2023



Barangay Amucao is one of the 13 Barangays enclosed in the East District Division of Barangays in Tarlac City. It bounded by Barangay Balingcanaway on the North, Barangay Cut-Cut 2nd on the West and Municipality of Lapaz on the East.

It is approximately 12.2 kilometers away from city proper. It has a total area of 312.12 hectares wherein 257.0 hectares corresponds to agriculture and 55.12 hectares designate to residential area. It also divided into 3 Purok, namely Purok 1, Purok 2 and Purok 3.

Barangay Amucao classified as Rural Barangay, it has a total population of two thousand four hundred thirty-two (2,432) as of 2005, and a household population of three hundred ninety-eight (398).

Barangay Amucao is an agricultural barangay. Approximately 80% populace here was farmers. Farming is one of the major sources of livelihood of many people situated here. They cultivate palay, vegetables, corn and other depending on the season of harvest. Other residences were employees, laborers, construction workers, and drivers. Some residence was having their own mini business such as sari-sari stores and homemade “Tinapa” (smoked fish).

Early settlers are small sitio of Balingcanaway known today as Barangay Amucao or Barangay Amuco since time immemorial. It just happened that this Barangay is forestry when people came to settle down and unite to develop it into a residential area.

The term “Amuco” coined as the name of the Barangay because of the extraordinary banana tree wherein its fruit sprung not because of its flowers but it automatically bears fruits from its fruit crop. “Amuco” originated from this one-of-a-kind banana tree.  In 1940’s people grew in population and Sitio Amuco categorized to be Barangay Amuco separated from Barangay Balingcanaway because of its growing population and civilization. Later on, by the year 1947, residents request granted and confirmed spearheaded by Teniente Del Barrio of Barangay Captain Inocencio Calilung and from development wise, Barangay Amuco has changed to Barangay Amucao because of its mixed settlers and mixed culture. Through Amucao Seed Growers Cooperative, they considered Amucao a seed center of Tarlac City.

Ninety percent of the total populations are Pampango, and the rest are Tagalog, Bisaya, Pangasinense, and Ilocano.

Barangay Amucao celebrates their feast day every September 27 as a thanksgiving to the patron Saint Vincent the Paul. Saint Vincent de Paul, founder of the Lazarist Fathers and the Daughters of Charity.