March 27, 2023

2023 Business Permit Renewal is ongiong

at the TARLAC CITY BUSINESS ONE-STOP SHOP located at 2/F, BULWAGAN, Tarlac City Hall.

Basic requirements when filing for business renewal:

1. On the Declaration of Gross Receipts:

*For Single Proprietorship – Sworn Statement of Gross Sales/Receipts with P500,000 & above by the Registered owner or authorized Accountant/Bookkeper; BIR forms for monthly or quarterly payment of percentage tax (for VAT and Non-VAT registered businesses.

*For Corporation /Partnership – Sworn Statement of Gross Receipts by the Operation’s Manager.

*For Cooperative – CDA Certificate of good standing; Current year Financial Statement or Certificate of Gross Receipts.

2. Photocopy of Valid Fire Safety Inspection Certificate

3. Photocopy of Previous Year’s Sanitary Permit

4. Photocopy of Previous CENRO Permit


*For Lessors – Sworn Statement of the list of tenants with the attached Contract of Lease & Award Sheets for the year in consideration.

*For Market Stall Owners

~Certificate of No Delinguency from Treasury (Downtown & Uptown)

~Market Stall Clearance from CEEMO (Downtown & Uptown)

~Certification from the R.U. Aquino Management (Uptown)

*For Water Refilling Stations – Clearance from the Tarlac City Water Refillers Association

To avoid penalties, please pay your business taxes on time. Thank You.


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